Something I dislike much more than the He for She campaign

When douchebags threaten to leak more nudes of a film star suspiciously soon after said film star has publicised an impassioned feminist speech.

I’ve seen the idea floating around that this could well be a hoax – and this is 4chan we’re talking about, so that’s definitely not impossible –  but that wouldn’t make a huge amount of difference to the situation either way.

It will still cause a huge amount of stress for Emma Watson for having been targeted in this way – she presumably has some idea whether or not she might be at risk of a leak of intimate photos.

In addition however, the He for She campaign itself has now been linked to this threat, and if the initial Fappening leaks are any indication, coverage of any potential leak could well dwarf the coverage of the He for She campaign.

Which is a shame – while the campaign is focused on pledging support for women and girls, Watson’s speech did broach the topic of men’s gender issues as well.  As some people have pointed out, the pledge is very easily fixed.This could be a good opportunity to get men’s issues discussed further at the UN after Watson’s initial mention, but this threat, whether toothless or not, runs the risk of derailing it.