Something I dislike much more than the He for She campaign

When douchebags threaten to leak more nudes of a film star suspiciously soon after said film star has publicised an impassioned feminist speech.

I’ve seen the idea floating around that this could well be a hoax – and this is 4chan we’re talking about, so that’s definitely not impossible –  but that wouldn’t make a huge amount of difference to the situation either way.

It will still cause a huge amount of stress for Emma Watson for having been targeted in this way – she presumably has some idea whether or not she might be at risk of a leak of intimate photos.

In addition however, the He for She campaign itself has now been linked to this threat, and if the initial Fappening leaks are any indication, coverage of any potential leak could well dwarf the coverage of the He for She campaign.

Which is a shame – while the campaign is focused on pledging support for women and girls, Watson’s speech did broach the topic of men’s gender issues as well.  As some people have pointed out, the pledge is very easily fixed.This could be a good opportunity to get men’s issues discussed further at the UN after Watson’s initial mention, but this threat, whether toothless or not, runs the risk of derailing it.


Steam(ing pile of….)

That’s not fair, I’m rather a fan of Steam, and I’ve been a user of it since it was launched along with Half-Life 2.

Much like when they rolled out the function to tag games, their new “curator” function as part of the Discovery Update is already being trolled.

I’ve been having a giggle at the “It’s Shit” collection.  Already following it, hope it lasts ^_^

Final Fantasy XIII - "If Lighting isn't your waifu, it's shit."

Final Fantasy XIII – “If Lighting isn’t your waifu, it’s shit.”

He for she – and she for he?

So as a nice, simple starter for my misadventures into blogging on gender issues, I thought I’d try and get the attention of a Hollywood film star (in a completely non-dodgy way).  No biggie.

In response to

Re: Your invitation

Dear Ms. Watson,

Many thanks for your formal invitation to sign the He For She pledge.  However, I regret to inform you that I must decline.

I find myself quite disappointed to do so, actually – I was pleasantly surprised to note that in your speech, you acknowledge that men faced gender issues of their own as well.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing so in the UN.  But I think you actually aren’t the right person for this campaign.

Please hear me out – it’s not because you’re the Harry Potter girl.  It’s because from what I can tell, the He for She initiative isn’t actually focusing on those gender issues that affect men that you were so thoughtful to mention.  It is presenting itself as a movement to get men to help with women’s issues.  The pledge you invited us to sign reads as follows:

Gender equality is not only a women’s issue, it is a human rights issue that requires my participation. I commit to take action against all forms of violence and discrimination faced by women and girls.

Why, if both genders are facing gender issues and are in need of gender equality (as you correctly pointed out) is this campaign doing what so many other gender equality campaigns have done – and that’s to focus only on the issues affecting women?  Violence and discrimination affects boys and men also – often in many of the same ways that girls and women are affected.  (By way of examples, I refer you to the genital mutilation of men, the forced marriage of boys, and the rape of men in warzones).

Sadly, this is all too common an approach, with men being appealed to as men to help solve women’s problems, often with group responsibilty being imposed on them in a way that is not considered acceptable when done to other groups.  Often this is done by the very same people who claim to be seeking equality.  (Since you wondered, while I acknowledge that not all feminists behave this way, it is my experiences with this sort of behaviour among feminists that have made me disclined to identify as one).


(Taken from The Guardian’s Comment is Free section)

I don’t think you’re the right person for He for She for the simple reason that you are much more fair-minded and egalitarian than its campaign is.  I could be wrong, of course.  You do not have my pledge – however, you do have my attention.  As UN ambassador for Women, you might well be the one who can make this campaign as egalitarian as your speech.

If you are able to do so, then you will have my pledge as well.

Wishing you every success and happiness,